A http feed streams all active booked in realties over a http url in a predefined format (eg Openimmo 1.2.7). While the api provides extensive search and customized calls, a feed always returns all realties.

Create a HTTP Feed in Justimmo

To create a HTTP feed in your Justimmo Account you must be logged in as an administrator.
Go to “more” -> “Exports” and click on the tab “Custom exports”. With the button “Create new HTTP Feed” you can create your feed.
A username and password will be provided to you automatically. After saving the URL of the feed will be displayed.

HTTP feeds are treated like any export in Justimmo and realties have to be booked in accordingly.

Feed Settings

Name The name of feed. Will be displayed in Justimmo to other employees when booking in realties
Username Username must be provided in the url to access the feed
Password Password must be provided in the url to access the feed
Data Format The data format in the feed. eg. Openimmo 1.2.6, Openimmo 1.2.7, …
Encoding The encoding of the feed, default UTF-8
Text Format The eormat in which fields of wysiwyg editors should be transfered. eg Description. html - with text format, plain without text format
Format für Anhänge The format in which attachments and images to realties should be transfered. Can be an url to the file or a base64 encoded string of the file content
Mit Videos Enable if videos of realties should be added to the feed as well
Bildergröße Default Picture Size
Export Limit Max count of realties in feed
Warn Limit Soft Limit if user should get a warning that to many realties are booked in feed
Language Language in which i18n fields (eg realty description) should be sent in feed
Mehrsprachen Unterstützung Add all available languages to the feed. This setting is dependant on the data format. Not every data format supports multilanguage feeds.
Neue Objekte automatisch hinzufügen Automatically book new realties into the feed
Teaserobjekte exportieren Add not active realties to the which have been defined as teaser or advertisment realty
Projekte exportieren Add projects to the feed. Not supported in all data formats.
Export aktivieren Whether the HTTP Feed is enabled or not