Realty inquiry

You are able to push data (e.g. contact form) directly to the Justimmo account via the RealtyInquiry object.

use Justimmo\Request\RealtyInquiryRequest;
use Justimmo\Model\Mapper\V1\RealtyInquiryMapper;

$rq = new RealtyInquiryRequest($api, new RealtyInquiryMapper());
    ->setSalutationId(1) //Mr.
    ->setMessage('This message should be displayed to the responsible user of realty 12345')
    ->setStreet('Mariahilfer Strasse 8/11')
    ->setCategory('Demo Category')
    ->registerForNewsletter([4, 10], false)
    ->setFundingInquiry(true) // only use this method, if the service has been activated in Justimmo

The passed data as seen above, adds to the Justimmo account a new contact and a relation to the 12345 realty with a logged contact activity. Based on the collected data, the responsible Justimmo user is now able to send an offer.

Funding Inquiry

It is an additional paid service that can be activated in Justimmo.

If this option is set to “true”, all recipients configured in this service will receive the financing consultation request via email.