Realty inquiry

You are able to push data (e.g. contact form) directly to the Justimmo account via the RealtyInquiry object.

use Justimmo\Request\RealtyInquiryRequest;
use Justimmo\Model\Mapper\V1\RealtyInquiryMapper;

$rq = new RealtyInquiryRequest($api, new RealtyInquiryMapper());
    ->setSalutationId(1) //Mr.
    ->setMessage('This message should be displayed to the responsible user of realty 12345')
    ->setStreet('Mariahilfer Strasse 8/11')
    ->setCategory('Demo Category')
    ->registerForNewsletter([4, 10], false)

The passed data as seen above, adds to the Justimmo account a new contact and a relation to the 12345 realty with a logged contact activity. Based on the collected data, the responsible Justimmo user is now able to send an offer.