Updates - More details in list calls with PHP-SDK 1.0.20

23 December 2015

One of the most common problems with the JUSTIMMO-Api consisted in not being able to get the full information for a realty in list calls without having to do an additional api call for every realty. List calls only returned basic and common information for the realties found. As of today JUSTIMMO supports an additional parameter to retrieve the full information of every realty in the list call as if it would be a detail call on a single realty.

PHP-SDK 1.0.20

If you are using the PHP-SDK you only have to update to 1.0.20 and detailed properties will be filled into your resultset of Realty instances automatically if you use the RealtyQuery.

$realties = $query->filterByZip(1020)->find();

// < 1.0.20
foreach ($realties as $realty) {
    $realty->getAdditionalCosts(); //empty
    $realtyDetail = (new RealtyQuery())->findPk($realty->getId()); //an extra api call has to be made for every realty found in the list call
    $realty->getAdditionalCosts(); //full additional costs data    

// >= 1.0.20
foreach ($realties as $realty) {
    $realty->getAdditionalCosts(); //full additional costs data without the need of an extra api call


If you are using the RAW Api you need to add an additional parameter to your realty list calls. However, if you use this, the output format will be slightly changed. It will return a list of xml in the same format as the detail call.