Updates - Realty Categories

11 November 2014

API Updates

A new call has been added to return all available realty categories: https://api.justimmo.at/rest/v1/objekt/kategorien

    <!-- ... -->

Realty categories have been added to the realty detail call

    <!-- ... -->
        <justimmo_kategorie id="2057">Referenzobjekte</justimmo_kategorie>
        <justimmo_kategorie id="3449">Topobjekte</justimmo_kategorie>

PHP-SDK 1.0.11

Added support for categories in Realty model

//returns the categories of the realty as an array

Added a call to get all available realty categories in BasicDataQuery


//return array format
    pk => array(
        'name'         => '...',
        'sortableRank' => '...',