Updates - API updates and PHP-SDK 1.0.10

04 November 2014

API Updates

Added a new value for zusatzkosten element: ust_berechneter_wert. Contains the value of the calculated VAT in the currency of the realty

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Added regionaler_zusatz in geo which contains the new field Nähe (BC-Break: Lage/Nähe has been split into to separate fields)

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    <regionaler_zusatz>Nähe Stephansplatz</regionaler_zusatz>

PHP-SDK 1.0.10

Added support for locality

// returns the value for <freitexte><lage>

Added support for commission

// returns the value for <preise><aussen_courtage> eg: 16.200,00 € inkl. 20% USt.

Added new properties for additional costs

//$cost is an instance of Justimmo/Model/AdditionalCosts

// returns the name 

// returns the gross value 

// returns net value

// returns the vat value in percent

// returns the vat type: numeric|percent

// returns the vat value as currency (nummeric)

// returns the vat as inputed by user in JUSTIMMO

// returns if a cost is optional, an optional cost is excluded in overall values